• Concrete Buildings

    Concrete buildings resist fire, extreme winds and provide the best security for their occupants. Built with incredible strength they are the solution in areas prone to extreme weather.
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  • Strength & Safety

    Our patented construction process enables our concrete buildings to sustain winds of a Category 5 hurricane!
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  • Cost Effective

    Concrete Building Concepts is proven to offer cost-effective solutions that are stronger, more durable and faster to install than its traditional counterpart.
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  • Commercial Application

    Commercial conrete buildings offer quick construction, strength and ability to transport the building to any job site.
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  • Floor Plans

    We have a variety of floor plans available for your new concrete building.
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Concrete Homes

Concrete homes offer a vast number of advantages over traditional building methods.  If you are having a new home built, you should consider building it with concrete.  

Not only will our concrete homes last longer, they also offer the following benefits:

  • Disaster-resistant
  • Comfort and security
  • Strength
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmental friendly


Commercial Concrete Buildings

There are many commercial concrete building applications for your business. If you want strong, long-lasting buildings for your onsite or offsite business endeavors, we can provide you with the concrete building you need.  Our system is also stackable up to three stories and is designed for various applications, including:

  • School additions
  • Office space
  • Group restrooms
  • Hotels
  • Small warehouses

Architects have found endless applications using our concrete building systems and if you need it, we can build it using our concrete construction techniques.


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Concrete Precast Wall

Precast Wall System Brochure


Concrete Building Concept's precast wall system reduces construction costs and waste generated on site.  • Flexibility • Strength & safety • Speed of construction

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Concrete Floors & Roofs

Concrete floor & roof systems


Proven to be stronger, more durable and faster to install while costing less. The panels are made of high strength concrete, meet and exceed local/national codes.

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