Royal Wall System

In 1982 we began to see the need for something new and better than conventional building materials that would allow our homes to endure the stormy environmental conditions in Florida. Because there was nothing suitable on the market, we started experimenting with different materials and techniques. We sought to find a manufacturing alternative that could help to build strong homes for our customers that would not only save time, but also save money. By 1989 we had perfected and patented a unique and innovative building system that we call Royall Wall.

The basic idea behind Royall Wall was ambitious but clear-we aimed to make a dramatic improvement in both the quality and the strength of conventional building materials. The result was a wall product that would not deteriorate due to natural causes including hurricane winds, fire, and termite damage. This fundamental concept continues to be our main focus today, whether we're building a home, a school, an office, or a commercial building.